Abigail Breslin Bra Size and Measurements

Abigail Breslin has a bra size of 34D and measurements of 38-28-37.
Abigail Breslin, a young American actress who began her career in entertainment since she was only three years old. People commonly know her as brilliant little girl starring some movies. Now they are surprised finding the cute girl has turned into a lovely teenager with nice body measurement. She is not a tall girl but her body measurements 38-28-37 inches match to her round face. Her round figure is characterized with small hips, big bust and fat belly.
The pretty teenage actress, Abigail Breslin looks sexy with huge bust. Her 38 inches bust only fits to 34D of bra size. She is lucky having big boobs that make her look attractive. Certainly she never gets breast implant to enlarge her boobs because she is still 18 years old. Absolutely 38 inches breasts are regarded medium size for women with supermodel figure. Abigail Breslin is not tall enough, her 38 inches boobs look so big. Due to her big bust, some people assume she gets boob job.Abigail Breslin, a former child actress with pretty face seems appealing in 12 sized dresses that match to her curves. She also chooses 6 sized shoes that fit to her small feet. She has weight 55 kg that is proportional with her small figure in 155cm. fat accumulated in her curved body affects her bust to grow bigger and plumper.
Abigail Breslin

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